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Therapy provides a space to explore and gain more awareness of past and present experiences. It’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself as an individual, growing into your highest potential, understanding how you function in relationships and assist in making more meaningful authentic relationships.


The Arts 

No previous art experience is necessary. Using imagination, play and the arts can help understand and unlock patterns of behaviour that are not serving us. Working creatively helps access the less conscious parts of self, where stored memories and emotions can be hard to face alone. When we become more conscious of these we open up opportunities for change and create new neural pathways in the brain. 

The art forms used can include:

  • postcards

  • drawing/painting/craft

  • clay/3D/nature installation

  • poetry/writing/words 

  • drama/story/puppets

  • music

  • bodywork/dance/movement

  • play/figures/sand tray

  • dreamwork


I am an Ecotherapist. Ecotherapy is the practice of helping people develop a symbiotic relationship with the more than human world to further therapeutic growth, understand our own nature, deepen awareness of our impact on the natural world and inspire passion for taking more care. It can involve a variety of modalities and earth based practices including connection to the changing earth cycles and recognising how they affect us, and being in exchange with the healing power of nature. 


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